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You may call him a musician,
I'd call him an artist whose medium is sound and form.....”.

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. “The Project”. Yes, we are finally there! Go to the About/Project page for more info.


Where to start? This will be the focus of the “About” page, and generally answered within the site. The problem with trying to explain it is that it’s so unique the are no comparisons to refer to! It isn’t just the audio experience of the incredible drumming, it’s the visual performance and use of the body to convey the emotion of the music.

 I think the best attempt to sum it up in a few words that I have heard was, “It’s a bit like the `Cirque du Soleil’ of drums”. Those who have witnessed “thejeromexperience” in action will better understand that comparison.......Oh, you don’t remember him flying about? Trust me, it’s coming!

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!

If you missed Jeromes BBC Radio interview...
Go to the "Media, Reviews, UK TV-Radio, UK-Radio" page to hear the interview. Listed under BBC Radio Oxford, Malcolm Boyden.
In the pipeline...
Look out for updates on other appearaces being discussed. These include broadcasts in USA, France and Ireland.
Shhhhhhh, it’s a secret……
Jerome has been auditioning for a UK prime time TV talent show….
Guess who...
Guess who’s through to the next round of auditions after a successful London audition!!
Lights, cameras, action!...
Now through to the filmed auditions...
Britain's Got Talent!!!!!...
Jerome on the opening show of BGT, see more on the "Media Reviews UK TV" and "Media Reviews UK Papers" pages of this site.
Guinness update...
Although officially confirmed and on the "Guinness World Records" web site some months ago, Jerome has now received another Guinness World Record certificate, this time for his part in the "Largest Full Drum Kit Ensemble". They raised an amazing £105,000!!
We are now allowing material to be released on YouTube. So keep an eye out for Jerome on YouTube. PLEASE NOTE, we do not control content editing or quality on YouTube clips that we didn't produce ourselves.

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