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Setting standards, targets and World Records

With a stage act that is so unique there is no “competition” with which to compare the level of your performance so every once and a while “The Jerome Experience” likes to set its self new targets and standards to achieve and attain.

These may consist of something simple like maintaining an even greater training schedule over a set period, practising with the addition of weights on wrists and ankles or, occasionally, setting or breaking a world record using drumming skills!

So far “The Jerome Experience” has SIX world records to it’s name (though Jerome is always quick to point out one is not classified as “official” as he was not aware of the full requirements for “registering” a record when he set the first one).

The Records... So Far........

For more detail on any of these records and the events where they were achieved go to sub pages “2002 -3” & “2007” or click on the record for the short cut..............

1) 2002, First “First 30 Minute drum solo at 3500 ft (Dakota DC3).”

2) 2003, Worlds first “Loudest Drummer” (Guinness World Records)

3) 2007, “Loudest Drummer- without PA/speakers/electrical devices” (RHR)

4) 2007, “Average number of double bass drumbeats over 10 minutes” (RHR)

5) 2007, “Fastest double bass drum beats in one minute” (RHR)

6) 2007, “Double base drum marathon (legs only)” (RHR)

7) 2012, “Largest Full Drumkit Ensemble” (Guinness World Records)

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