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From the very early stages of it’s conception, “The Jerome Experience” has been involved in raising funds for a range of worthy, registered, charities. A couple of the better known “drumming” related examples spanning past and present, were:


BBC “Children in Need Appeal” - 2002

 “Children in Need” high speed tour. For this  “The Jerome Experience” arranged with “MITSHUBISHI MOTORS”, who generously provided a vehicle and driver, “STAPLES OFFICE SUPPLIERS”, who sponsored the advertising and “ACCADEMY OF SOUND”, who provided the PA ststem, a whirlwind tour of 21 cities around the UK. In each city the equipment would be set up for an impromptu exhibition of  drumming skills then off to the next venue. This tour covered.2500 miles in eight days and raised 1101.64!

“Four World Record Event” - 2007


More recently, the Four World Record Event, was aimed at raising funds for two local schools. There were no charges for performing or spectating at the event, all “The Jerome Experience” requested was that anyone present make a contribution toward the school collection. In addition to this, he provided a range of his own cymbals and drumsticks which could be bought as souvenirs, autographed if required, and all money raised from this was, again, for the schools. 

Plus a range of collaborative events like:-

 The concert for “Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice” and the 2012 “Stick It To MS” World Record event for Multiple Sclerosis, here is Jerome with comedian, actor and drummer John Thomson who was also taking part.

...and it’s not just drums..........


Sometimes, something happens where there just isn’t time to arrange anything elaborate. When the devastating 2004 Tsunami struck, Jerome didn’t waste time setting up his drums....instead he raised 286:00 in one & a half hours by having friends and colleagues shave off patches of his leg hair!!

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