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You may call him a musician,
I'd call him an artist whose medium is sound and form.....”.

The Jerome Experience


“The Jerome Experience” always raises a lot of “media” interest whenever a performance takes place, so much in fact, we have had to break this section down into various “media type” and “special interest” menu items!

Before going to them though, have a look below at a selection of “general” tributes and reviews, the type of which are regularly received by “The Jerome Experience”.

"Dear Jerome
At last things calmed down and I have the chance to write and thank you for a fantastic show at this years’Thundersprint.I have lost count of number of phone calls we have had saying how much your show was enjoyed and everywhere I go, almost the first thing that is mentioned is your incredible performance.
Certainly, if it is possible to fit your show into the Thundersprint next year, we want to have you. In a world where so much is the same, a live, natural, dramatic show like yours is something wonderful.
Many thanks for coming and giving so much pleasure to so many people and please le me know about your other successes.
Best wishes
Yours sincerely
Frank Melling"


The King John Pub
Nottingham 1998

"Greek Mythology for
“The Drummer”
The Manager-Tony Bower

The Old Vic Pub
Nottingham 1998
"What a fantastic Drum Show,sure he will go far...” Best Wishes The Manager - Dale

S.A.B.D. Scotland Festival
Irvine 1999

"Book this Man
A Star of the 1999 show
The very best”


Kenny McDougall

Fair Firking Pub
Nottingham 1999
"His sound check cleared the pub
The rest of the set,he rammed us out
A great man that MUST be seen."
The Manager-Matt Clapison

"The absolutely unique Jerome gets into his utterly and totally one-off performance.”                                   Photo by: ASP.Photos - Sid Lidguard

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