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You may call him a musician,
I'd call him an artist whose medium is sound and form.....”.

The Jerome Experience


Jerome was previously based in Paris and was the founder member of Morphyl-Hate-Paris. 
In September 1996 Jerome came to the United Kingdom with the sole objective of re-forming Morphyl Hate with new musicians and to then perform throughout the UK, aiming to seek a record contract and produce further new material. 
The philosophy behind Morphyl Hate and Jerome is to create original, technical music which shows an unusual but highly regarded standard of musicianship.
The aim is to be “specialised” and creative and to be specifically labelled as one type of music only. 
Morphyl Hate have released a debut CD (6 Tracks) and also produced “H-Reflectio”, a track which was included on an International Compilation CD-“Appointment with Fear”, this was released in 1995.Please note that these were recorded directly-unmixed.
From my first interviews with Jerome (Morphyl Hate), he has always proved to be a dedicated and highly professional individual, who by his very essence has what it takes to achieve highly within the musical Industry. 
Listen to the material, talk to Jerome and you will soon see, as I did, that he is very strong, influencing person with a well defined objective in his life. 
I am sure that once spotted he will be on his way. 
M P Knight
(Former Agent-Morphyl Hate)

Morphyl Hate

Morphyl hate was created in September 1991, Paris.
In the beginning, the aim was to be original with the music and with standard of musicianship.
Because of the strong objectives of the band they were heavily committed to rehearsals and practised together three times per week-over 500 times, ensuring that the band were also viewed as both serious and very professional.
In May 1993, Morphyl hate released their first CD demo containing 6 tracks-these were recorded live and unmixed. This CD was a momentous occasion as it was the first time experience in a recording Studio for every band member-it proved that the hard work and dedication had been productive and worth while. The CD was sent to over 250 Record Companies throughout the world with the sole aim of getting a recording contract.
In September 1993, Morphyl hate released a promotional tape with three tracks – these received air time on French radio and were again sent to Record Companies throughout the world, along with music magazines and French Newspapers. In 1994, Morphyl Hate   released a track which then appeared on an International Compilation CD-“Appointment with Fear”, this was distributed by Cyber Music-Holland, to over 18 Countries and was particularly well received in Switzerland, Belgium and France. The write-ups in French and Switzerland magazines were very positive.
Morphyl Hate currently has 15 tracks ready for recording and is seeking musicians in the UK to enable Morphyl Hate to be THE band for the future! 

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