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You may call him a musician,
I'd call him an artist whose medium is sound and form.....”.

The Jerome Experience


Other pages on this site allow you to see the general interest coming from both local, national even international television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

The Jerome Experience can be available for newspaper, magazine or radio interviews, television appearances, as guest or feature artist. Also as special guest of artists/bands during national, international tours. The Jerome Experience is also an ideal act for either music or arts festivals.

The Jerome Experience can also be associated to a music related manufacturer to promote their name around the world.

Any managers or agents wishing to discuss an interest to manage/promote The Jerome Experience is welcome to come forward.

e-mail us at:

or visit the Contact page for other options

Jerome is currently writing his biography which starts from the first day he arrived in the England, September the 4th 1996. This should prove a fascinating read as he is such a focused and determined individual who doesn’t understand the meaning of compromise where his own standards are concerned.

Any interested publishers are welcome to make contact.

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