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You may call him a musician,
I'd call him an artist whose medium is sound and form.....”.

The Jerome Experience


Jerome would like to extend a special “Thank You” to a select group of companies and individuals whose input and support helped make the “Experience” what it is today and is helping to make the “Project” the success that it is sure to become.


G.S. Print have been a long standing sponsor of “The Jerome Experience” and are the exclusive providers of Jerome’s “official” embroidered clothing. It is important to to know that you are wearing clothing which is durable enough to withstand the rigours of touring (Jerome insists on always transporting and setting up his own equipment) and is smart enough when doing television interviews.

In addition to the quality of their products they provide outstanding quality of service and design. Please visit their website by clicking the logos or following this link:


Corbeau and Luke, this is an area which can be updated as “The Project” unfolds, as going into detail now may give away more than we’d want about the project. By visiting their sites you will see where they specialise. If you already have an interest in motor sport then they need no introduction, if it’s an area that’s new to you then believe us, these guys are first class.


As outlined elsewhere on the site, Jerome had been working on the idea of the “Jerome Experience Project” for many years but when it came to the point of turning the concept into a reality we realised we needed unique equipment to be constructed. Enquiries were made, in such places as research institutes, about companies who could take on such an unusual project and Mr. Cooke of Specialist Welding came highly recommended from more than one source.

It has been amazing to watch every (sometimes seemingly crazy) idea put forward being brought to life by the engineering skills of “Specialist Welding”. The owner, Frank Cooke, is like an artist with welding equipment and, in addition to patience and understanding (working with us), has a great sense of humour. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have him working on “The Project” . 

Contact Specialist Welding, regarding welding work, on (01235) 820821 or Fax (01235) 821182.    Mere Ditch Barn, Hanney Road, Steventon, Abingdon OX13 6AW

 Andy was employed in IT, specialising in UNIX and Digital Audio/Video projects, when approached by Jerome for advice on creating a promotional DVD. A short conversation established an additional need for a web site, as sending DVDs to the numerous requests from fans for information and updates wasn’t practical. That was back in 2003, since then Andy, as an individual and as “ABStract Design”, has worked with “The Jerome Experience” providing internet services, A/Vproduction, graphic design, IT support and on many other aspects of both the “Experience” and “Project”.


Whenever “The Jerome Experience” needs a Sound Engineer there is only one place to go, “Del”! Drums can be very difficult to record or “mic. up” properly so when your show depends on the drumming you need the best sound engineer you can get. Del has been Jerome’s number one choice for many years and has worked with him on venues from night-clubs to aircraft at 3500 ft!!

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