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You may call him a musician,
I'd call him an artist whose medium is sound and form.....”.

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The Jerome Experience


WHO or WHAT is The Jerome Experience?

“It was late 2003 that I originally met Jerome, he approached me asking for advice on opening a web site. I was initially confused by the idea that anyone could have a “show” based on drumming, let alone need a web site! At that time I didn’t have my own business but Jerome’s enthusiasm and drive led me (I’m still not sure how it happened...) to volunteer to set up a site for him. It has been over the following years that I have come to realize what an amazing talent Jerome has. This is  testified whenever he does a live performance by the drummers, ex drummers and drumming fans who stand awestruck before breaking into discussion about, not just the speed and originality of the performance but its incredibly high technical standard. If that’s not enough, he’s also one of the nicest people you could wish to meet!”

Andy Sweetland - ABStract Productions

“I was in Nottingham rehearsal when I first met Jerome, my introduction was when all the bands rehearsing at the time came out into the main entrance to find out who the hell was playing in room 3. 
I will never forget it because all the drummers, very sheepishly, disappeared back behind their kits to recreate the sound that they had just heard! 
I watched Jerome during his rehearsals and soon discovered that he is very single-minded and extremely disciplined with both his music and his life.
After many discussion, having to at first cross the language barrier, my French at that time was pretty non-existant, we decided to promotes The Jerome Experience and take his musical career along a more structured path. 
Jerome has previously played some of the largest venues and exhibitions in and around Paris and has created a show which is intensely unique and has proved most popular in the UK. 
Jerome is lively, imaginative and has the ability to enthuse his audience simply by his presence. 
I strongly admire Jeromes dedication and extreme musical capabilities and I am sure that his aims of gaining sponsorship or of being “signed” are not far away. 
His exhibitions would be very well suited to Drum Manufacturers such as Premier or Yamaha for their promotional equipment tours and I wish him every success in his future dealings.” 

M P Knight 
Former Agent 1996-1998


“The show starts with a Classical musical introduction (2.50 minutes) then between 30 and 45 minutes of drumming. I play alone with my drums set up in the middle of the stage. A mix of fast, coordinated, movement of arms and legs, simultaneously, independently and from my left or/and right side. Throwing the drum stick from left to right hand. I sit with my back to the audience for them to see the leg and body expressions in action. The show ends with a musical track lasting 1.25 minutes. All of this can be repeated.”

Jerome - The Jerome Experience

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