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The Jerome Experience


On July 7th 2007 (07-07-07) “THE JEROME EXPERIENCE” performed an exhibition of freestyle drumming, to a live audience at the Bay Tree Public House in Grove, Oxfordshire, UK. During the course of this performance, which lasted for over three and a half hours, “The Jerome Experience” established an incredible four World Records”.

The first was to beat his own record as “the worlds loudest drummer” (see page 2002-3 ) with a sound level of 109.1 decibels . He wanted to better this and have it noted that it was achieved with nothing other than the power of his playing and a “standard” drum kit, no amplifiers or such like were used. Well, beat it he did with a peak recorded level of 115.0 decibels. I user the term peak “recorded” as the meter actually showed a number of higher readings but due to a pre-set “cut-off” at 115 it didn’t record them to the print out, just listed them as “RMS level was exceeded” and “Overload level was exceeded”. What’s even more amazing is these readings were taken at random during the first 15 minutes of his regular performance! He wasn’t just “smashing drums” as loud as possible, he was playing a regular performance piece!

Next came “The average of double bass drum beats over ten minutes”, again this was incorporated into the overall performance as was the third record, “The fastest double bass drums, legs only, in one minute”. After a short change of style and an appeal to those present to give generously to the collection for two local schools, it was back to the drums for a two hour marathon of “Double Bass with legs only”. At the end of this, in response to the level of applause and audience requests “The Jerome Experience” continued with an amazing freestyle performance using the whole drum kit.

A TV crew were present for the first three records but then had to leave to meet deadlines for the regional news broadcasts. For details of each of the records click on their images below:



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Average Beat

Fastest Beats

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